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      2. IAVCEI/IASPEI Commission on Volcano Geophysics


        The fundamental aim of the Commission is to promote volcano seismology as a tool to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of volcanoes and improve our ability to accurately predict their behaviour. The goals of the Commission are fivefold:

        • To facilitate collaborations among scientists and institutions investigating volcanic processes and structures
        • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, tools and training between scientists and volcano observatories, especially in developing countries
        • To promote the use of state-of-the-art seismic equipment, such as broadband sensors and high dynamic range data-loggers, in routine volcanic monitoring and seismic experiments
        • To promote conferences, seminars, and high-level education aimed at familiarising researchers with modern theoretical and experimental seismic methods used in the interpretation of volcanic processes and structures
        • To promote funding from international organisations that could help affray travel and related expenses for the activities listed above.


        • Chair and IASPEI Representative: Jurgen Neuberg (UK)