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      2. 24th General Assembly of IUGG and 34th General Assembly of IASPEI

        Perugia, Italy 2-13 July 2007

        Report to IUGG on IASPEI 2007 Activities

        IASPEI Resolutions adopted at the IASPEI Closing Plenary in Perugia (Italy)

        Resolution 1: Use of model ak135 for earthquake location

        • RECOGNIZING that the workshops on 'Modernizing ISC location procedures' have demonstrated that the ak135 traveltime tables provide a better fit than the Jeffreys-Bullen (JB) tables to observed seismic phases,


        • RECOMMENDS that the International Seismological Centre replace the JB model by ak135 for the routine location of seismic events.

        Resolution 2: Consistent determination & reporting of earthquake source parameters

        • RECOGNIZING the long-term need for a broader set of standardized seismological phase and parameter data in seismological research and practice, especially amplitude, period, magnitude, moment and energy,


        • RECOMMENDS that steps be taken to develop common standards for the reporting of earthquake source parameters for use by national, regional and global data centers.

        Resolution 3: Timely reporting to ISC

        • RECOGNIZING that the ISC provides an on-line compilation of parametric data contributed by observatories and data centres, available to all soon after they are contributed,


        • URGES all ISC contributors to report epicentres, magnitudes, phases and focal mechanisms to the ISC as quickly as possible.

        Resolution 4: Naming the unit of Seismic Moment after Prof. Kei-iti Aki

        • RECOGNIZING that seismic moment is widely used as a fundamental measure of the size of an earthquake, and

        • RECOGNIZING that Prof. Kei-iti Aki was a pioneer in defining seismic moment and describing practical ways to measure it,


        • RECOMMENDS that 1 Aki (Ak) be defined as 1018 Nm, and further

        • RECOMMENDS that the Aki be recognized as a standard unit of earthquake size.

        Resolution 5: Appreciation

        • RECOGNIZING the enormous effort required to organise the General Assembly,


        THANKS the IUGG Local Organizing Committee and its Chair Professor Lucio UBERTINI for a memorable meeting in Perugia.